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Group Health CU, CU of Ohio, Austin Area Teachers CU, and St. Helens CU ink contracts to bring frequent-flyer style relationship pricing to their members.

(PORTLAND, OR) -AlphaPk, LLC, creators of the PoinTracs Relationship Pricing Program, today announced that four credit unions have signed contracts to bring the company’s revolutionary frequent-flyer style relationship pricing program to their membership. With the addition of Group Health Credit Union, Credit Union of Ohio, Austin Area Teachers Credit Union, and St. Helens Credit Union, PoinTracs now serves more than 145,000 members in four states.

PoinTracs brings frequent-flyer style simplicity to member relationship pricing. Members earn points by using the products and services a credit union offers, then redeem these points for services and discounts within the credit union.

“The simplicity of the program is the beauty of the program,” said Carol Belland, Senior VP for Group Health Credit Union. “The other relationship pricing products out there are so hard to understand, both for members and for credit union staff. PoinTracs is very easy to understand.” The program was recently announced to the GHCU management team. “The managers think it’s just cool,” said Belland.

Belland explained that GHCU had long been looking for a way to create a membership pricing program, and had even tried to build one themselves. “There’s a lot of back-office work to the other programs out there. With PoinTracs, we don’t even have to look at our core processor…we just get some data from our MCIF and send it off.”

Tammy Jones, COO at Credit Union of Ohio, was enthusiastic that her credit union be an early adopter of the program. “We've completely scrapped the old Member Benefits Packages we had…gold silver, platinum...completely scrapped it. It was intimidating to members, and hard to explain. Points, on the other hand, is just so easy.” Jones continues, “We have more staff buy-in because they have a plan they can understand and easily sell to our members. It gives them confidence and makes it easy.”

Not only is CU of Ohio calling their PoinTracs implementation Pride Points, they’ve created a special logo and “points badge” for the program. “We’ll be taking the ball of the logo and turn it into a points badge. It'll be in our first magazine of the year. On the website too, we'll have a section that explains how to earn points and what they can be used for.”

For additional information on features and pricing, credit unions may contact Arleen Payne at 503.235.2347 or email to arleen@pointracs.com, or Suzette Palanuk at 503.489.1020 or email to suzette@pointracs.com.

About AlphaPk, LLC
PoinTracs is produced by AlphaPk, LLC, the company formed to provide strategic and tactical marketing solutions that enable financial institutions to grow membership while modifying and rewarding profitable behavior. With their flagship PoinTracs service, the company brings the frequent flyer revolution to credit unions, and providing them a tool to compete. The firm is based near Portland, Oregon. The company website is www.pointracs.com.

PoinTracs is a service mark of AlphaPk, LLC.

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