Branding & Communications

- What's a brand? Think about everything your customers or members know about your organization. Everything they feel. Everything they believe and perceive. Then, consider everything your organization says and does. Every smile on the face of every employee. Every communication with every customer or member-from the bytes of your Web site to the ink of your business card to the sound of your hold music. Then for good measure, toss in every product or service you offer and every product or service you don't offer. Add it all up, and what do have? Your brand. And if it sucks, most likely your business does too. Your brand is your business. Build it.

Partial client list:
  • Wright-Patt Credit Union
  • Group Health Credit Union
  • Ohio Health Credit Union
  • IBM Texas Employees Federal Credit Union
  • Fort Bliss Federal Credit Union
  • Greater New Orleans Federal Credit Union
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