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PoinTracssm Member Rewards Program is the first program to reward profitable member relationships in a simple, easy-to-implement manner.

(PORTLAND, OR) -AlphaPk, LLC today announces completion of the first service available to credit unions that combines the power of relationship pricing with the simplicity of "frequent flyer" member rewards. The PoinTracs Member Rewards Program is available immediately to credit unions who want to retain and reward members using relationship pricing, but wish to do it in a way that's simple for members to understand and for the credit union to implement.

PoinTracs brings frequent-flyer style simplicity to member relationship pricing. Members earn points by using the products and services a credit union offers, then redeem these points for services and discounts within the credit union.

Why a "frequent flyer" program? What if we could take the concept pioneered by airline frequent flyer plans-rewarding relationships and profitable behavior through frequent flyer miles-and figure out a way to make it work for credit unions.

The exact formula for earning and valuing points is determined by the credit union, but in a typical case members might earn a point for each dollar earned in dividends, a point for each dollar paid in finance charge, and 100 points for each year of membership. Points could then be redeemed to buy down a loan rate, buy up a deposit rate, or waive a service fee-again, completely determined by the credit union.

On the operations and IT side, simplicity is a hallmark of the PoinTracs program. Since the system is completely outsourced and housed on secure PoinTracs servers, credit unions have no equipment to acquire, nor additional load on IT staffs. The only infrastructure required is an Internet connection and a computer with Web browser. As far as data is concerned, credit unions need only request a simple flat database file from their MCIF or report generator, which gets uploaded to PoinTracs. The system then makes member accounts available to front-line personnel via their secure website.

The program rewards members for their profitable behavior-it's as simple as that. We did some focus groups recently with members of a credit union who ran one of those 'gold, silver, bronze' type relationship pricing programs and only one person knew his reward level. Not very effective, not very intuitive.

With PoinTracs, profitable members-those who use the credit union to its fullest-will earn points and be able to get better rates and lower fees from the credit union. Unprofitable members, those who don't use the credit union's products and services, will see they can earn points by moving more of their financial business to the credit union, thereby becoming profitable members. With PoinTracs, every member knows where they stand. It's that simple.

For additional information on features and pricing, credit unions may contact Arleen Payne at 503.235.2347 or email to arleen@pointracs.com, or Suzette Palanuk at 503.489.1020 or email to suzette@pointracs.com.

About AlphaPk, LLC
PoinTracs is produced by AlphaPk, LLC, the company formed to bring the frequent flyer revolution to credit unions, and provide them a tool to compete. The firm is based near Portland, Oregon. The company website is www.pointracs.com.

PoinTracs is a service mark of AlphaPk, LLC.

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