What is PoinTracs?

PoinTracs is a self-contained, complete system for awarding, redeeming and tracking points which allows the credit union to combine the simplicity of frequent-flyer style rewards with the power of relationship pricing.

Benefits of the PoinTracs system include:
  • Core-processor independence. The system has no interface with a credit union's core processor, so it can work with any system and is completely portable. The credit union can freely change core processors without jeopardizing a valued relationship system.
  • Simple data requirements. The credit union, or its MCIF sends PoinTracs a simple flat database file each month with 3 fields in it. PoinTracs does the rest.
  • Completely outsourced solution. Since PoinTracs is a Web-based system, so you credit unions have no infrastructure to add or maintain-no servers, no new wiring or routers, no issues with authentication or security. All that is required is a simple link to a secure Web page on your Intranet or provide internet access to your staff. We issue and manage the logins, and offer all technical support necessary.
  • Minimal staff training. A simple Web interface allows front line personnel to debit or credit members accounts in order to redeem or award points.
How credit unions can use PoinTracs:
  • Reward profitable relationships. Through PoinTracs, members are rewarded for the very behavior that makes them profitable to the credit union. Since they earn points on finance charges paid and dividends earned, they will naturally seek to bring increasing amounts of business to the credit union in order to earn points.
  • Service recovery tool. In the event of a credit union mistake, points can be awarded as a gesture of apology.
  • Educational tool. If a member has an unexpected fee, rather than either "give in" and reverse the charge or make the member angry by refusing to reverse the charge, front-line personnel can simply look at the member's Points account and waive the charge if the member has sufficient Points.
  • Promotional tool. Points can be an additional benefit to the member for promotions. For instance, Bonus Points can be awarded if members take out a certain loan or deposit product during a promotion period. PoinTracs gives marketing departments another way to cut through the clutter.
  • Relationship building tool. Many longtime members feel they are entitled to special benefits because of their longtime loyalty to the credit union. Points can be awarded retroactively at the inception of the program for years of service, so longtime members can instantly have a sizeable points balance.

Suzette & Joe Palanuk, CEO and VP Marketing
Suzette and Joe are the founders of WolfPk, the technical engine behind PoinTracs. Suzette has 25 years' experience dealing with the financial accounting and data processing issues of credit unions - on the client side at Oregon Corporate Credit Union and on the vendor side as the West Coast account rep for EDS (now a FiServ company), a leading core processor. Joe has deep roots in credit unions as well, having worked as a consultant with the Oregon Credit Union League and creating what is now the Credit Unions for Kids program. He also developed the first financial planning services for credit unions in Oregon.

Jim Mullaney, CFO
After starting his career with Arthur Andersen in 1979, Jim founded a private practice CPA firm in Oregon's Silicon Forest. After offering financial and business consulting to a wide variety of firms, he co-founded Flatrock in 1999, a network technology firm. During his tenure, Flatrock raised $7M, brought a revolutionary network product to market and grew to a staff of 30. Jim is a CPA and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of Portland.
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